Welcome to L2Mei-gold Server

Welcome people! I want to introduce you on our server which will run on L2OFF Engine (Official Server Files), but we will reboot an old classic-excellent project! Yes it is true! We will reborn the l2gold server. The point of all this startup is because we run the real l2gold files. So our success is guaranteed before we even start the server! You will need the interlude client in order to play on our server, we have keep some basic changes up to interlude which are not affecting the l2gold style gameplay, these are: - Max Character level 78. - Clan Level 5. - Max clans per ally is 3.


Server Update _______________________________________________________________________

  • Server ONLINE
  • L2Mei Updater is fixed Download now
  • New Deticate + Protect
  • Same Fix.
  • Update cov,water,wind,fire 10 min
  • Rb Respawn add Web site
  • Npc Diana Add two Weapon L2Mei.
  • _______________________________________________________________________